Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Why do I need life insurance?


Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is never an easy thing to do and adding financial burden to the grief can make coping increasingly difficult. Receiving a lump sum of money can help to support your family or even a business partner after you die.  Some of the reasons to take out life insurance could include:

  • Mortgage repayment

  • Covering childcare costs

  • Education expenses

  • Funeral expenses


Whatever the reason it is important to ensure your family can maintain the standard of living to which they were accustomed.


Why do I need Critical Illness cover?


To suffer from a critical illness at any time in life is difficult. But the younger you are, the longer you are likely to have to live with your condition, so the greater the financial impact could be. You might need to give up work, adapt your home or pay for a carer. You may have to do this for many years. If you are trying to bring up children while you are suffering from a critical illness, life can be even more difficult. Diagnosis of a critical illness can be a difficult time. People are more likely to suffer from a critical illness before they reach retirement than die. This cover allows people to pursue a less stressful lifestyle while they recover from illness. It can cover:


  • Mortgage repayment

  • Childcare costs

  • Making the home suitable for any disability


Types of life assurance policies


Level Term
The same level of cover is maintained throughout the policy term, this can be Life Cover and/or Critical Illness.

Decreasing Term Assurance
The policy pays out an amount which reduces throughout the term of the plan, this can be Life Cover and/or Critical Illness.

Family Income Benefit
Family Income Benefit (FIB) provides a tax-free regular income which is paid out on death for the remaining term of the policy.

Critical Illness
Insurance that pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified critical illness covered by your policy.

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